200 years

& let’s keep moving

To celebrate our 200th anniversary, we have chosen to do what we have always been doing best:

Changing history.

And because our previous success would not have been possible without all our clients, suppliers and employees, we naturally want to celebrate with you.

The future remains exciting!


& Excitement

Every important anniversary needs a big celebration. You can keep your eye on our live countdown to keep track of when exactly it will take place.









Best Wishes

& Good Luck!

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Congratulations on your 200th anniversary. Good luck for the next century. M. Kemal Erginsoy Turkuvaz Media Group, Istanbul, Turkey

& Kemal Erginsoy, Istanbul

Mit einem Ableger vom Tulpenbaum, den Fanny Koenig im Sept. 1854 zur Hochzeit ihres Sohnes Wilhelm mit Eleonore Staudt gepflanzt hat, gratulieren die Franziskanerinnen von Kloster Oberzell.

& Schwester Dr. Katharina Ganz, Kloster Oberzell 1, 97299 Zell a. Main

Herzliche Glückwünsche zu 200 Jahren Erfindergeist und Innovation aus der Röntgen-Gedächtnisstätte Würzburg

& Roland Weigand, Würzburg

& then

there was …

Of course we cannot go into every single day of our bicentennial success story. But we compiled some of the most important events in an overview.

Have fun on our little journey through time.

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