Jubilee raffle

Koenig & Bauer & You

The jubilee raffle “Koenig & Bauer & You is subject to the following Terms & Conditions as well as the subsequent Data Protection Declaration. By participating, the participants declare to agree with these conditions. No deviations from those are possible, and might lead to the (even retroactive) exclusion from the raffle.

Terms & Conditions
  1. From 16.05.2017 – 08.09.2017 (hereinafter „Participation Period“), the Koenig & Bauer AG, Friedrich-Koenig-Straße 4, 97080 Würzburg, Germany (hereinafter „KBA“), will organize the jubilee raffle “Koenig & Bauer & You” (hereinafter „Raffle“) for its employees and staff around the world.
  2. Eligible for participation are all employees, trainees and other staff of KBA or one of the world-wide subsidiaries who agree to have their Contribution saved, used and published in KBA’s intranet. The participation is free of charge. Interns are excluded from participation.
  3. Procedure of participation
    1. Participation occurs by filling out the participation form on the site provided by KBA expressly for that purpose under https://200years.kba.com, uploading the contribution (cf. clause 3.2) there and making the declarations that will be asked for there regarding the saving and usage of the Contribution and other data of the participant. The deadline for entries is the last day of the Participation Period based on the locally applicable time.
    2. The Contribution consists of a video that deals with the theme “Koenig & Bauer & You“. The participants must not upload any contents that violate legal provisions, third party rights or morality. KBA reserves the right to exclude unsuitable Contributions and their uploaders from any further participation. This in particular applies in the case of Contributions with the following content:

      • statements or contents that are disparaging, defaming, insulting, extremist, racist, inciting to ethnic or racial hatred, glorifying violence, sexist, obscene, discriminatory or immoral,
      • personal attacks, in particular aiming at colleagues or superiors at KBA as well as outside people, companies our entities,
      • copyright infringements or other illegal contents.
      Every participant may only participate once, meaning that only one Contribution may be uploaded per participant. KBA reserves the right to exclude from participation participants who seek to upload several Contributions.

      When filling out the participation form, the participant warrants that the Contribution is free of third party rights or, where the Contribution has not been created by the participant and/ or shows other people than the participant, he has – where needed –obtained the required consents. In that regard, the participant exempts KBA from any third party claim in so far as he is liable of an infringement. The participant declares to support KBA in its defense against such claims in every reasonable way.
    3. From all participants with valid Contributions, KBA will draw – in that order – one Main Winner, one Second Placed and one Third Placed (together hereinafter as “Winners”).
    4. The Main Winner wins a weekend-trip to Barcelona for two persons including flights, transfer to the airport via train or other transportation, two nights in a 4-star hotel plus allowance (arrival on Friday , departure on Sunday).

      The Second Placed wins a digital reflex camera (SLR) Canon EOS 750D Kit with objective (18-135 mm) + 64GB memory card.

      The Third Placed wins an adventure voucher from Jochen Schweizer.

      For Main Winners and Third Placed working in KBA companies outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, KBA reserves the right to send alternative prizes in kind of comparable value instead of the above mentioned prizes.

      The prizes may not be transferred. No pay-out in cash is possible.
    5. The Winners will be notified of their win using the contact details given in the participation form. Second Placed and Third Placed receive their prizes directly via mail under the address given in the participation form.
    6. In order to make use of his prize, the Main Winner will need to contact the people organizing the Raffle via 200years@kba.com and coordinate all further details. The main prize needs to be made use of within one year after the deadline for entries. A transfer of the prize to third persons is not possible.
  4. Data protection
    Data protection is subject to the terms of the Data Protection Declaration following under II.
  5. Publication of the Winners and the winning Contributions
  6. KBA reserves the right to publish the Contributions of the Winners and their names and further Contributions on the https://200years.kba.com, which will, however, only be visible for KBA employees, trainees and other staff of KBA.
Data Protection Declaration

In the course of the Raffle, KBA will gather and record the following personal data of the participant: name and last name, birthday, e-mail-address as well as the KBA site where the participant works. It is possible that the Contribution which is equally being gathered and recorded by KBA may contain further personal data of the participant.

The personal data gathered and recorded serve the purpose to conduct the Raffle and to publish the Winners and their Contributions as well as other Contributions in company owned media of KBA on https://200years.kba.com.

As soon as the Winners and the other participants, whose contributions will be published, have been determined, the personal data given in the course of the Raffle and the personal data of all remaining participants will be deleted. The deletion of the data and Contributions of those participants whose Contributions is being published, will ultimately occur only five years after the deadline for entries. The Contributions and names may remain published in company owned media of KBA on https://200years.kba.com for the same amount of time. The personal data will not be forwarded to third parties, unless this is required by law.

All participants are entitled vis-à-vis KBA free of charge to get the information on what personal data KBA has recorded on them in the course of the Raffle, as well as to have these personal data corrected, blocked or deleted or to oppose their future use. In order to make use of these rights, the participants may contact KBA via mail or via e-mail under steffen.demuss@kba.com.